Monday, January 17, 2011

Buy and Selling Concept

Of course... it's just a cycle of marketing. Actually, those things don’t teach at school the “how to” and “that way” stuff. The good thing is that you share and apply what you do. If you are in the market, seller and buyer should know to buy and sell, but some need advices. The only required thing to do is to ask or canvass but, that would make waste your time and energy. If you hire and ask for a service, you save energy but then you waste money. That is called balance of commerce and financing, including your life and management. The wise thing to do is to ask yourself what you really need to buy and sell that makes you productive. Learning is not just enough, applying and making mistakes makes the imperfect, perfect.

The principle applies that you can't get “traffic” if you don't learn the hard way. There are roads to cross before you able to get your goals. If you put your heart on what you are doing, by the time you will see the changes and that will start repaying your hard-work. Think 2 years of long term as your goal and if you can't bear it, then business of making money isn't in you.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Custom twitter background

Social Media sites needs to dress up. Twitter site is available on changing your account background and by building graphic customized images. Business or Company asks graphic artist to match the website color color or theme on their twitter account background for branding purposes. Elite Process Works simplifies and test the background uploaded showned on the photo. This photo is a sample of a custom twitter background.

Monday, January 10, 2011

twitter site heart twitpols

Originally uploaded by eliteprocessworks
Twitter is the most popular site for people who like to update their statuses via mobile through tweeting various phrases, likeable messages, post what they feel like to say and where they are headed. Twitpols heart social media sites and tweeting, they called an event twitterrific to please themselves.

Being a part of twitter world is easy and this open to all social people. You can just sign up, confirm your registration in your email and log on to update your own twitter account.

What are you waiting for, meet and follow twitpols. Mine is @elitepd.